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About 12 volt Monitors

As the monitor size increases so does the power consumption. The brightness level of the monitor also has a relation to power consumption. Recently monitors with LED back lights have come on the market.  These use significantly less power than the older models with ccfl back lights.  
Typical 14-15 inch, ccfl monitors use 20 watts on average & typical 17 inch ccfl monitors will use 25-30 watts .
A typical 19" LED monitor uses only 15watts while a 24" will use about 26 watts.
The Viewera monitors listed below are all CCFL and the rest are LED.
In general the specifications for monitors in the same size class are similar regardless of price. The main difference seems to come in the design of the frame and base. The base is removable on most models to facilitate bulk head mounting. Some monitors have a base that folds behind the monitor rather than coming off.

Most of the new LED 12 volt monitors come without VESA mounting points for use with "arm mounts".  Some of the AOC models and the 3 Mag Innovision models have VESA mounts.  On Mag Innovision models some swing arm mounting pads may require modification to prevent interference with the input ports on the monitor.

The following monitor models are a few of many available on the web and at local stores. They all use 12 volts for the power input and are standard home/office models. You should check with the vendor to verify that the model is still powered from a 12 volt power brick as some manufacturers will keep the same model number but change out the power supply.

CCFL Backlight
ViewEra V151HV
ViewEra V151BN
ViewEra V172SV
ViewEra V172BN
ViewEra V191HV
ViewEra V191BN
LED Backlight
SAMSUNG S22A300B no vesa
Samsung S22A100N 12-14 volt input
SAMSUNG S22A350H VGA & DVI 12-14 volt
AOC e943F/e2043F/e2243F/e2343F vesa on base
Hanns-G HL193AB/HL231HP/HL193ABB
Mag Innovision GML1920/GML2226/GML2427  Have VESA mount
Hannspree By HannsG SL231DPB
I-Inc IK141ABB 14" Widescreen LED Monitor  Vesa
I-Inc IK161ABB 16"
USB power and data
DoubleSight DS-90U Black 8.9" 1024 x 600 USB powered
AOC e1649Fwu USB powered

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