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IslandTime Wifi Systems feature the
Mikrotik GrooveG-52HPacn-US
Now available with a Dual Band High Gain antenna 2.4/5.8Ghz, 7/8dbi

The Groove 52Hpn radio works great with WINDOWS, MAC OR LINUX OPERATING SYSTEMS  as well as Android and iOS
The  IslandTime Marine WiFi System will be the core of your onboard network.   System or an In-Line System.  Your system can run directly off your boats 12/24 volt buss
The Groove mounts directly on the wifi antenna and a CAT5 ethernet cable runs between the Groove and your computer or wireless router.  The Ethernet cable carries both data and Power to the Groove.

Standard System "L" bracket
In-Line Mount

1.  Choose the antenna mounting method; The Standard aluminum "L" bracket with hose clamp or the In-Line Mount for use on marine antenna mounts with 1-14 thread mounting stubs.
A high gain dual band 7/8dbi wifi antenna is included with your System 


2.  Choose the length of outdoor cable required.  25 feet is standard.  Additional footage can be added for $0.40/foot.

3.  Decide if you need a wireless router so that multiple wireless devices can connect to the internet simultaneously.  Smart phones, tablets and other devices without a LAN port must have a wireless router for use with an IslandTime System.  You can provide your own wireless router or purchase one from IslandTime.

IslandTime System Parts

You may want to add a Wireless Router or additional cable footage to your system. These options are available below.

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New PVC In-Line Mount system
In-Line Mount photo by Steve Fredricks, SV Ocean Angel

Available with the purchase of a Standard System
If you are not purchasing the accessory along with a system,
contact IslandTime prior to the purchase for shipping costs.
We will send you a paypal invoice for the item with shipping.

Choose a Wireless Router from Accessories for wireless access by multiple devices from anywhere on board.  You can also use your existing Wireless Router or add one at a later date.

RB951Ui-2HnD (4.5

Mikrotik RB951ui-2HnD Wireless Router

In Stock 

The Mikrotik RB951Ui-2HnD is the most powerful router we have carried.  It is an "n" mode router with dual internal antennas for 2x2 mimo functionality.  It has wide input, 8-30 volt DC power supply and has up to 1000 mw output power.  It features a 600 Mhz Atheros chipset making it the perfect match for the Groove 52HPn or Bullet M2.

Mikrotik RB951ui-2HnD, 8-30 vdc Wireless Router
Qty: Price: $85.00 Shipping:


Tycon DCDC 1224 POE, DC to DC POE, 12 volts in and regulated 24 volts out
Qty: Price: $52.00 Shipping:

In Stock

If you plan to use more than 60 feet of outdoor cable I recommend that you get the Tycon DC to DC POE shown above.  By boosting the voltage going up the ethernet cable to your Bullet or Groove you will insure stable operation and possible shortening of the life of the device due to heating caused by low input voltage at the antenna. 

If you plan to use the AC/DC power supply that comes with the Mikrotik hardware then the Tycon POE is not necessary.

Additional CAT5e Outdoor footage (25' is standard)
Enter number of additional feet Qty: Price: $0.40 per foot

Additional CAT5e patch cord footage (6' is standard)
Enter number of additional feet Qty: Price: $0.40 per foot

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System Block Diagram
Click Picture for an expanded view
(2.4ghz & 5Ghz) Antenna
$269 plus $18 shipping and handling

IN Stock

IslandTime GrooveG-52HPacn-US Standard System
Qty: Price: $269.00 Shipping: $18.00

InLine mount on Shakespeare 4720 rail mount
GrooveG-52HPacn-US In-Line Mount system with Dual Band 2.4/5 ghz high gain antenna.  $309  Plus $18 shipping
In Stock
Marine Antenna Mount
not included

IslandTime Groove In-Line Mount System
Qty: Price: $309.00 Shipping: $18.00

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